Malone Coaching

Jan 2017 Results

Jan 1st Hair of the Dog 10-miler, Spartanburg, SC

Bob Boyle 1:32


Jan 14th Resolution 5K, Travelers Rest, SC

Mary Biebel 29:51 – 1st AG, 9th OA


Jan 21st Race for the Grasshopper 5K, SC

Erica Melton – 31:11 – 1st AG


Jan 21st Greenville News 5K, SC

Mary Biebel  - 29:18 - 5th AG

Manny Cintron with wife Brendaly – 37:34

Nicole with son Addison!


Jan 28th  Be a Fan 5K, Columbia, SC

Kelly Danias – 27:44 – 1st AG

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