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March 2016 Results

March 5th, Bear Crawl 10-miler Table Rock State Park, SC

Becky Arndt  - 2:09 – 2nd OA

John Davidson – 2:16

Laura Haupfear 2:23 – 6th OA

Nicole Ramsbey 2:31

Jenny Davidson 2:44

Steph Hance 3:09


March 5th,  Run Hard Relay, Columbia, SC

Ilia Owens – Did 8 mile relay in 1:11

Lisa Powell – 1:47


March 5th Myrtle Beach Half Marathon, SC

Kelly Danias – 2:02

March 12thh Dash to the Bash 5K, Greenville, SC

Mary Biebel – 28:36 – 2nd AG


March 12th Biltmore Half Marathon, Asheville, NC

Heidi Ewing 2:04

Steph Hance  2:44 She sent me a picture and said it was fun too!


March 12th Peyton’s Wild & Wacky 5K Ultra  = 5x10K (50K), Charleston, SC

Rachel Crunk 3:57!!! 3rd OA and 1st Masters Woman


March 12th St. Paddy’s Day 5K, Spartanburg, SC

Erica Melton 32:29


March 12th Run to the Pub Half Marathon, Bozeman, MT

Kristen Nichols – 1:38 PR!

March 20th NYC Half Marathon, NY

Kitt Zuk 1:49:04 NEGATIVE SPLIT CLUB! Congrats!


March 19th & 20th Palmetto 200 Relay, All over SC!

Brandon Abbott

Will Fowler

Ilia Owens

(They had some good fun and ran lots of miles!)


March 19th Sampson County Super Sprint, NC

Brent Johnson is BACK! 43:45 – 2nd AG


March 19th Elizabeth 8K, Charlotte, NC

Michael Vaccaro 35:34


March 19th Parris Island Sprint Tri, Beaufort, SC

John Miles                56:48 - 3rd AG

Josh Ludwig              57:39 - 2nd Military

Doug Byrne                58:15 - 1st AG

Brad Fraedrich           1:01:22

Katie Malone              1:04:33 - 4th OA 3rd Open

Phil North                  1:05:05

Elisha Byrne              1:05:37 - 5th OA

Nicole Ramsbey       1:05:40 - 7th OA 1st AG

Will Wood                 1:06:43 - 3rd AG

Melissa Ludwig        1:08:36 - 3rd AG

Bob Boyle                  1:09:56

Steve Erwin               1:10:16

Evan Shealy               1:11:03 - 2nd AG

Paul Zimmerman     1:11:50

Karen Bailey             1:14:40 - 1st AG  - 1st Triathlon! QUALIFIED FOR NATIONALS!!!

Liz Blackwood           1:15:36 - 2nd AG

Manny Cintron          1:17:22           

Phil Zitello                1:19:23

Mary Biebel              1:20:56 - 2nd AG PR!

Melinda Lindberg    1:23:13 - 2nd Athena

Nina Kristeva            1:23:32

Brendaly Cintron      1:43:36 - 1st Triathlon!

March 26th iRecycle Half Marathon, Spartanburg, SC

Bob Boyle 1:53 – 3rd AG


March 26th iRecycle 5K, Spartanburg, SC

Erica Melton – 31:41


March 26th Fort Yargo Duathlon, GA

Jess White – 1:38 for 3rd OA and 1st AG


March 26th Hunting Island Biathlon (Kayak-Run), SC

Leslie & Pete Chaplin Relay


March 30th Lowe’s Motor Speedway 10 mile TT Race 1

Chad Crocker – 22:30 (that is 26.4 mph folks!)

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