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Feb 2016 Results

Feb 6th Drifter 6K, Conestee, Greenville, SC

Kelly Danias 35:04 3rd AG


Feb 6th Clinton Half Marathon, SC

Laura Haupfear 1:38 3rd OA & 2nd AG NEGATIVE SPLIT CLUB


Feb 6th Save the Light Half Marathon, Folly Beach, SC

Rachel Crunk – 1:34:42 4th OA, 1st AG NEGATIVE SPLIT CLUB


Feb 6th MGC 5K, Columbia, SC

Elisha Byrne – 22:44 4th OA and 1st AG

Feb 13th Green Valley 10-miler, Greenville, SC

Beth Mullikin 1:20 – 2nd AG – Negative Split Club (8:11 first half, 8:02 second half!)

Nicole Ramsbey 1:21 – 4th AG – Negative Split Club

Mary Biebel  1:37 – 2nd AG


Feb 13th Green Valley 8K, Greenville, SC

Evan Shealy – 34:46! He is 11 years old and that is a 7 min pace! WOW!


Feb 20th Fox Chase 10K Trail Race, Inman, SC

Erica Melton – 1:25


Feb 20th Yeti or Not 25K Trail Race, Dupont Forest, NC

Stephanie Rerych – 2:55


Feb 20th Hincapie Spring Series, Greenville, SC

Chad Crocker – was fast, did not crash = great first bike race of the year!


Feb 20th Winter Challenge Triathlon (Run 7, Kayak 6, MTB 10), Springfield, SC

John Davidson 2:58

Katie Malone 3:08 – 2nd Female

Abby Russell 3:24 – 4th Female

Nicole Ramsbey 3:27

Manny Cintron 3:45

Leslie Chaplin & Pete Chaplin - Relay


Feb 20th Winter Challenge Duathlon (Run 2.25, Bike 10, Run 3.75), Springfield, SC

Brad Fraedrich 1:42 – 5th OA

Jenny Davidson 2:04

Brendaly Cintron 2:47 – FIRST Multisport event!

Laura Haupfear – Poor Laura was sick and did the smart thing and stopped after the run! Sometimes that is harder than continuing on. 

Feb 27th  GHS Half Marathon, Greenville, SC

Laura Haupfear – 1:35 – 2nd Grand Masters

Becky Arndt – 1:38

Will Fowler – 1:40 – PR & Negative Split

Brandon Abbott 1:48 – Negative Split

Will Wood 1:49 PR & Negative Split

Bob Boyle and daughter Sandi – 1:51

Paul Zimmerman 1:53

Liz Blackwood 2:06


Feb 27th  GHS 5K, Greenville, SC

Evan Shealy 21:00

Melanie Pfieffer 31:00


Feb 27th New Orleans Half Marathon, LA

Mary Biebel – 2:08 Negative Split!


Feb 27th Black Mountain Challenge 40 mile Trail race, NC

Katie Malone – (race canceled – changed to marathon) 4:49 – 2nd AG

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