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Results from Mid NOV 2015

Tryon Half Marathon 11-14-15

Laura Haupfear 1:35:53

Brad Fraedrich 1:43

Steve Erwin 1:54 – PR!

Mary Biebel 2:06

Whitney Mical 2:39 – 1st Half Marathon!



Paul Zimmerman

John & Jenny Davidson

Katie Malone

Adam Fisher

Manny & Brendaly Cintron

Kurt & Melinda Lindberg

Kim Parenti

Jim Ballinger

Please see note in newsletter that I received about our presence on the course. THANK YOU!


Rocketman Olympic Tri, FL 11-15-15

Josh Kendrick 3:48 – 1st Olympic Distance race!


Ironman Arizona, AZ, 11-15-15

Joe Demarest – 12:45

Tom Demarest – 15:26 1st IM

John Demarest -15:23

Yes – they are all related. 3 brothers who raised over $16,000 for the Smile Train Charity.

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