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Results from Early NOV 2015

Spinx 10K, Greenville, SC 10-31-15

Mary Biebel 56:51 – 1st AG


Spinx 5K, Greenville, SC 10-31-15

Justine & daughter Anna Grace raced together!


NYC Marathon,  11-1-15

Margaret Marrano 4:12

Mary Hiter – 1st ever marathon 5:56


Savannah Half Marathon, GA 10-7-15

Lisa Powell 1:49:17 4th out of 745 in AG!

Erica Melton 2:48


Ironman Florida, Panama City, FL 11-7-15

Nicole Ramsbey 11:31 = 13 min PR  - 8 weeks after a broken ankle = AMAZING!

Chad Crocker 12:26

Heidi Ewing 13:29

Jim Ballinger 15:37 *after stopping to stay with fellow athlete who was ill and waiting for an ambulance. This is true sportsmanship. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t the fastest thing, but it is always important to take care of others who are having medical issues.


Outerbanks Marathon, NC 11-8-15

Abby Russel  - 3:39! *I am not currently coaching Abby but since she is part of our team I wanted to recognize her accomplishment! 

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