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Results from B2B, SCTS and October 17-18

SC Triathlon Series End of Year Awards

Carol Brunson – 2nd Open

Kimberley Westbury – 1st Masters Open

Will Fowler – 2nd 30-34 AG

Alexandra North – 3rd 20-24 AG

Kim Parenti – 4th 35-39 AG

Kelly Danias – 4th 40-45 AG

Lisa Powell – 1st 50-54 AG

Mary Biebel  - 1st 60-64 AG

Karen Bailey – 4th Aquabike


*I only noted those who made the top 4 places and I did not mention all the different regional awards since there looked to be little change of place for each – they seem a bit redundant…


Walhalla 5K, SC 10-17-15

Mary Biebel 27:23 1st AG


Beach 2 Battleship Iron Distance, Wilmington, NC  10-17-15

Rachel Crunk – 11:11 and 4th Masters! 1st IM!!

Chris Cresente – 12:14

Bob Boyle 13:45 – 1st IM!

Karen Bailey (Aquabike) – 7:45 1st IM!


Longleaf International, New Port Richey, FL 10-18-15

Tom Demarest – 2:35 and 1st Clydesdale! -  1st TRIATHLON EVER!

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