Malone Coaching

Malone Coaching Fees and Services

Malone Coaching offers:

  • Hourly Consultations $50
  • Hourly One-on-One Training Sessions (swim, bike or run) $50
  • Training Peaks Account $12 per month (must pay for 6 months at a time) *This is included in your coaching fee. Only for athletes who are not current.
  • ---
  • Endless Pool Swim Lessons (Landrum) $50
  • Open Water Swim Lesson $50
  • Underwater Swim Evaluation with video delivered $100
  • Endless Pool regular use access $50 per month
  • ---
  • Run Evaluation with video delivered $85
  • Bike Box Rental $50 per week. YOU pick up & return within 1 week of your trip!
  • --
  • 6 Months Coaching 10% discount off monthly rate
  • Monthly Coaching Coach Katie ONE plan $200 per month (see details below)
  • Coach Scott Kaylor - $200 per month
  • Start-up fee $85
  • Camps at a discounted price to current athletes. 

In 2017 I will only offer only PREMIUM coaching which allows me to give every athlete the service and attention they need. In the past I have tried to offer various levels and I have found I end up giving everyone the same service, which isn’t fair to you as an athlete or me as a coach. Going forward I am simply going to plan to be able to give everyone a higher level of service.


If you have a special situation or special needs please always reach out to us and ask because depending on where we are in the season we might be able to accommodate your needs.


If you pay 6 months in advance, a 10% discount will be applied. Otherwise there are NO discounts!

Payment is done monthly via automatic withdrawal from your bank account or from your credit card (fees apply).

Payment is ALWAYS DUE ON THE 1st of the MONTH


This is how coaching works:

To start with we either meet or talk on the phone, evaluating your current lifestyle and future goals to determine your training path. During this consultation you will fill out a coaching application, and then we develop a general training plan for you. The plan allows you to see where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there (we will normally have intermediate goals posted for you to meet or certain baseline testing). We post your bi-weekly schedule in Training Peaks (your account is included in your monthly fee). After your training sessions, you download your Garmin results into the Training Peaks software for review. You will receive feedback as well as contact via e-mail and phone conversations.  Once you become a Malone Coaching athlete you are offered all the knowledge and resources available. When necessary we will meet for occasional workouts or additional coaching sessions.

Here is it broken down so you understand the basics of what coaching entails.


This includes, but is not limited to, the following: 



Training Peaks PREMIUM Account Included

Garmin HR monitor REQUIRED

Bi-weekly schedule

Weekly Modifications as needed

Feedback Bi-weekly detailed

Race Nutrition Planning

Mental Training

Written race plan

Post Race call or e-mail for "lessons learned"

Limited to 1 e-mail or call per week *This is general – we certainly make exceptions when needed.

Weekly Team Newsletter


Strength work & Yoga videos included

Stoke Evaluation &

Underwater Video every 6 months included

Endless Pool use 1x per month

Coached Open Water Swims

Coached Track Work Bi-Weekly

Coached Sessions on an as needed basis

Free t-shirt

Uniform Piece MANDATORY at races (shorts/hat/t-shirt or tri kit)

Discounted Team uniform (Jackets, Tri Kits & cycling gear)

Discounts from sponsors

Discounts on camps


6 month commitment

10% discount if paid in full 



Bike Travel Case Info

Bike Case Rental: $30  per use, please reserve ahead of time.

Travel confidently with the IronCase, which uses a durable Triconium shell to withstand the roughest airline and freight handling. Inside, your bike is cocooned in Trico's exclusive 100% Foam Encasement System for total protection. Sized for UPS shipping, 47" x 30" x 10" weighs 31 lbs.

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