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Clay Sanders--Leadville 100 Trail Run

I want to extend a public and profound thanks once again to Beth and Stewart Sanders, Ellen Stallings Seagle, and Robert Wallace, my crew and pacers who made the race experience successful and more importantly, enjoyable and meaningful. I am convinced I would not have completed the run without their care, attention to detail, behind the scenes handling of problems and logistics, planning and preparation, accessing the various aid stations with sometimes extremely limited or distant parking, carrying backpacks for equipping and fueling, waiting for my uncertain arrival time in the dark and cold always on the ready for a quick turn-around, and monitoring my pace and energy expenditure the second 50 miles, and my footing and injury prevention on the sketchy, rocky, nighttime last 40+ miles, and their welcome company, sharing of the experience, and conversation! Also, our whole team's deepest thanks to the incomparable hospitality of our hosts in Buena Vista, Jim and Candy Willut, who opened their home, resources, and hearts to us for 2 weeks. Jim and Candy, you made the experience so much more enjoyable with all you provided us, your guidance, and the delightful meals and conversations we shared. You have redefined hospitality for us and revealed how welcome it is possible to make a stranger feel - thank you! I am proud to say this was a team event and feel blessed to have been the pampered participant: my deepest thanks to you all!


(Right) Part of the Leadville 100 Trail. (Left) Clay Sanders on right with Robert Wallace, a member of his support crew at mile 86.5!


Cynthia came to me in the fall of last year ready to make a change in her lifestyle. She had not been for a long swim since she was a kid, but she had no fear of the open water. She couldn't run very far and she didn't even own a bike. On March 17th she will take on Parris Island Sprint Tri but on the way there she is sharing her journey and all the ups and down literally and figuratively. Check out her blog.

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Form Focus First

Your coaching is divided into 3 elements:

1. FORM reflects the training. Better the athlete’s ability within the discipline teaching the best technique.

2. FOCUS reflects the race. Focusing on all the training and putting it together.

3. FIRST reflects the result of your coaching. The athlete's first time to perhaps —

  • complete a triathlon
  • complete a particular distance
  • win an age group
  • win a race

I started coaching because I love to see people succeed. I believe that everyone can be an athlete; all they have to do is learn to be. I believe that each athlete’s success is based on what he or she believes they can do. Once you start believing that you can achieve great feats the possibilities become endless. You build confidence, which carries over into other aspects of your life. Your positive attitude becomes contagious and all of a sudden you have achieved your goals, you have inspired your friends and family and you are the person you have always wanted to be. There are no age limits, no time frames, and no barriers to your success. If you are reading this you have taken the first step!

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