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Katie Malone runs with her dogs.I grew up in NJ as an only child. I always wanted siblings but my mother would constantly remind me that I did have a pony. So from as far back as I can remember I have been around horses. I grew up riding with my mother and driving in the carriage with my parents. We cross country skied together, went ice skating on a frozen farm pond in the winter and rode motorcycles in the spring. When I was 11 my father retired (yes, they had me when they were a bit older).  We moved to NC for my parents to retire. It was here that I was able to fully appreciate the freedom riding a bike could bring. I rode everywhere and I rode often. When I wasn’t on my bike I was on my pony exploring every trail I could find. These also happen to be the same trails that I use for running to this day. When I was in high school my father built a boathouse on Lake Lanier in Tryon, NC and that is where my swimming began and still continues to this day. In high school I ran track and cross country and played soccer. I didn’t set school records, but I always did well. My senior year of high school I spent as an exchange student in Germany.  I am still fluent in German. I came back from Germany to go to college but just wasn’t ready for it, but eventually I found my way back to school. I ran cross country in college and received some scholarship money so I looked at it as my part time job. My other part time job was cleaning houses. I was always busy and I worked really hard, but that was just good practice for what was to come.

Before I started coaching I had a desk job. It was a good desk job but I really hated not being able to see out a window in the office building where I worked. I worked hard, but it certainly wasn’t my dream job. I worked for an engineering company in Spartanburg after I finally graduated from college at the University of South Carolina – Spartanburg. I have a degree in Business Management which has indeed served me well. While I was working there I started training seriously for triathlons and after a year of training hard and missing the qualifications for Hawaii by just 2 minutes I did something completely reckless. I quit my day job. I admit it felt really good to just quit. Maybe it was stupid, but I think that sometimes it is good to follow your heart.

Katie Malone and the Hawaii Ironman

Katie Malone at Mt. MitchellWhen I was a little kid I was one of the last one picked for any team in gym class. I had no confidence in my athletic abilities yet I always dreamed of doing something big. My parents were avid cyclists when I was young so I grew up with great role models.

In 1982 I was sitting two feet in front of the television watching the coverage of the Hawaii Ironman and I knew that someday I wanted to participate in that race. No other race would do, I had my sights on Hawaii because in my mind that was the real deal. Of course over the years that same race turned into the World Championships and qualifying for it only got harder every year but that did not stop me. Every step of my athletic endeavors were done with the Ironman in mind. Even as a young child I understood that it would take time and dedication to do a race like an Ironman.

First I started cycling with my parents at the age of 10 and then started running at 11. During a lazy summer day I begged friends to paddle the canoe next to me for 4 hours as I swam around an entire lake, just to see if I could do it. Once I had accomplished that I set my sights on riding my bike further and faster. At the age of 14 I completed a bike ride called the Assault on Mt. Mitchell which is a 102 mile ride with the last 32 miles of climbing.  When I had completed that I knew that I could do anything I set my mind to. That same year I completed my first triathlon and absolutely loved it. Then the teenage years hit me and my infatuation with triathlon wavered but the pursuit of the Hawaii Ironman always lingered in the back of my mind. Life happened along the way and almost 20 years later I made the choice to dedicate myself to really getting to Hawaii.

Katie Hawaii IronmanGetting to Hawaii was not easy. It took me finding a good coach and learning how to really race. I missed qualifying numerous times by just 2 minutes and while that was always upsetting I just resolved to work harder. Don’t let anyone fool you, getting to Hawaii is a combination of hard work and good luck. Eventually I earned my spot and I was able to go to Hawaii to compete. Running the final miles of that race I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy. Crossing the finish line in Hawaii is to this day the happiest moment of my life. My life goal is complete.



Why Malone Coaching

Athletes choose Malone Coaching for the one-on-one personal service. At Malone Coaching we believe you should be able to talk to your coach whenever you need to. Our coaches race with their athletes and when they aren’t racing, they are guiding athletes through every facet of triathlon.  No other coaching service has as many one-on-one training opportunities with qualified coaches.

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Coaching Description

Malone Coaching services consist of personalized training programs designed for each athlete. We specialize in triathlon and run coaching and long distance endurance events are our passion.

Please read more about how our coaching works (click the link below).

We currently have a waiting list for 2016 since we are at our capactity. There are however still limited opportunities for underwater swim videos and evaluations and run evaluations. Please contact us for availability.

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Athlete Requirements

Malone Coaching requires athletes to have desire and commitment, to believe in themselves, and to work hard. We are serious about helping athletes reach their potential and expect and hope that anyone seeking our services wants to do that. We expect workouts and the training log to be completed.

Katie Malone's Qualifications

  • 25+ years of racing experience
  • 12 years of coaching
  • Level 1 USA Triathlon Coaching Certification
  • Level 3 USA Cycling Coach
  • Personal Trainer for Gold’s Gym
  • Professional/Elite triathlete
  • 2006 SC Triathlon Series Overall Winner
  • 2002-2012 All American Triathlete
  • 2x Ironman World Championships Qualifier
  • 2003 Ironman World Championship competitor
  • Collegiate NCAA, All Conference runner
  • 21 Time Ironman


Malone Coaching offers:

  • Hourly Consultations $50
  • Hourly One-on-One Training Sessions (swim, bike or run) $50
  • Training Peaks Account $12 per month (must pay for 3 months at a time) *This is included in your coaching fee. Only for athletes who are not current.
  • ---
  • Swim Lessons at a Middle Tyger YMCA in (Duncan) $50
  • Endless Pool Swim Lesson (Landrum) $50
  • Open Water Swim Lesson $50
  • Underwater Swim Evaluation with video delivered $100
  • Endless Pool monthy access $50
  • ---
  • Run Evaluation with video delivered $85
  • ---
  • 6 Months Coaching (Paid in Advance) 10% discount off monthly fee
  • Monthly Coaching 3 different levels - See Coaching Tab for breakdown
  • Start-up fee $85
  • Camps at a discounted price to current athletes. See camps tab

Monthly payments are due on the 1st or 15th monthly (as agreed upon at signup).

Payments may be made by check, cash or direct withdrawal.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation via telephone or face to face is required before coaching can begin. The initial consultation gives our coaches an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Who needs a coach?

We have several coaching programs for different kinds of athletes:

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Coach Dave Proctor -- Cycling Coach

Growing up in Florida, I enjoyed all types of water sports. I absolutely loved waterskiing.  I couldn’t wait to get home from school so that I could get on the lake. In high school, I played tennis and ran cross country. After college, I started playing tennis with friends and found that my fitness was practically gone and I needed an avenue to get back in shape. My sister suggested that I start cycling, and from the minute I got on a bicycle, I was hooked! Cycling was so exciting seeing new places and meeting great folks. So naturally coming from a competitive background I wanted to compete on the bike. I entered my first race and had no idea what to expect or any race strategy. Needless to say, it took lots of racing and a number of books to understand training, race preparation, and strategy. Things finally started clicking and I won a lot of races around the southeast. I’d pack up my family every Fridayafter work and head for a weekend of racing somewhere around the southeast. So as a young parent I put lots of pressure on myself to win enough prize money to cover the trip’s expenses. Fortunately, that usually happened, well at least until my family got burned out from all the traveling. My last race was in 2010 where I won the SC Master’s 55+ road race. At nine years old, my son Michael, really got interested in cycling so we started going on short rides together. He was so funny, he would ride for hours up and down our street, periodically sprinting and then holding both arms in the air as he passed an imaginary finish line. He continued in his passion for cycling and then at 14 we met another junior, Craig Lewis who was the same age. So then I started riding with two juniors and taking them to races. Needless to say, they both did extremely well and as you know Craig went on to become a Professional cyclist. I totally enjoy helping folks that are new to cycling or racing. I’ve always gone out of my way to make them feel comfortable and give constructive tips.  My real passion over the years has been putting on cycling events to benefit local charities. I’ve met a lot of interesting folks thru all the years of promoting bicycle races and events. I’ve also put on a dozen weekend getaways for mountain bikers at Tsali, NC. The last time I went, forty cyclists joined me for a weekend of food, fun, and fireside chatter.


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(864) 704-4398

Motivational Speaking

Appropriate for schools, community functions or business meetings. Speech topics may be requested or I can make suggestions based on the desired outcome of the meeting.

References available upon request.



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