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Coach Dave Proctor -- Cycling Coach

Growing up in Florida, I enjoyed all types of water sports. I absolutely loved waterskiing.  I couldn’t wait to get home from school so that I could get on the lake. In high school, I played tennis and ran cross country. After college, I started playing tennis with friends and found that my fitness was practically gone and I needed an avenue to get back in shape. My sister suggested that I start cycling, and from the minute I got on a bicycle, I was hooked! Cycling was so exciting seeing new places and meeting great folks. So naturally coming from a competitive background I wanted to compete on the bike. I entered my first race and had no idea what to expect or any race strategy. Needless to say, it took lots of racing and a number of books to understand training, race preparation, and strategy. Things finally started clicking and I won a lot of races around the southeast. I’d pack up my family every Fridayafter work and head for a weekend of racing somewhere around the southeast. So as a young parent I put lots of pressure on myself to win enough prize money to cover the trip’s expenses. Fortunately, that usually happened, well at least until my family got burned out from all the traveling. My last race was in 2010 where I won the SC Master’s 55+ road race. At nine years old, my son Michael, really got interested in cycling so we started going on short rides together. He was so funny, he would ride for hours up and down our street, periodically sprinting and then holding both arms in the air as he passed an imaginary finish line. He continued in his passion for cycling and then at 14 we met another junior, Craig Lewis who was the same age. So then I started riding with two juniors and taking them to races. Needless to say, they both did extremely well and as you know Craig went on to become a Professional cyclist. I totally enjoy helping folks that are new to cycling or racing. I’ve always gone out of my way to make them feel comfortable and give constructive tips.  My real passion over the years has been putting on cycling events to benefit local charities. I’ve met a lot of interesting folks thru all the years of promoting bicycle races and events. I’ve also put on a dozen weekend getaways for mountain bikers at Tsali, NC. The last time I went, forty cyclists joined me for a weekend of food, fun, and fireside chatter.


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