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Mental Toughness


While anyone who tackles the Assault on Mt. Mitchell is mentally tough no matter what the race is we all face the dilemma from time to time of when to push on and when to drop out. Many times you have the choice to continue on but certainly question what it will do to you long term physically and other times athletes have such a strong resolve to make it no matter what that absolutely nothing can stop them and that is a rare and beautiful trait. For athlete Troy Harman he has been on both ends of the spectrum over the years but this year he has raced with resolve to finish what he started and this attitude has carried him far. In his younger days he was a great athlete so now not only is he strong, but he is mentally tough and some days when your body will not carry you...your mind will!

Here is a brief bit of Troy's account of his Assault on Mt. Mitchell experience:

"So where to begin. Started off from the house and I felt like a million bucks. As we rolled down the first hill just outside of Spartanburg that allowed us to carry any speed. I hit the lip on the pavement that joins the road to the bridge. At this point I had all my weight on my full carbon saddle. SNAP and the saddle flew out from under me and bounced down the road. All that was left on the seat post were the saddle rails. This was at mile 6, Kat freaked out and said "our day is over lets go home". I told her no and she responded with you can't ride like that, I told her to get on Kevin's (a mtb friend) wheel and he would get her to the top. And I was going to go as far as I could. I got on to one group or another hanging off the back because it was not fare or safe for me to be standing in a working pace line. I think I sat on the rails on and off for a total of 4 minutes over the next 69 miles. It was no picnic. Standing to climb Bill's Hill was very hard. I thought there was no way I could make it past Marion. My legs where screaming and spent, my arms where numb from standing and pushing a big gear to be able to make forward progress. The only thing working was my mind. As I rolled in to Marion I was hoping that someone would offer me a saddle so I could at least see If I could make it to the Parkway. No one offered. When I got to the car, I noticed that Les's car was still parked next to ours and I knew he was only riding Marion, So I started to refuel and pulled the rails off my seat post. I waited for him for just short of an hour, when he came in I got his saddle and got back on the road. To my amazement my legs still worked. I would have thought at this point I would have been the last person on the road. Nowhere near true. Starting around the lake, I may have climbed better then I have ever climbed. It was not fast due to my arms and legs being dead but it was the most steady I have every made that climb to the parkway, I was eating up the road, I did not count but I know I past 4 dozen people on my way up Devil's Whip. There was a big storm chasing us up to the parkway, I no sooner put my foot down at the parkway stop and the rain started. In my hurry to leave Marion (for the first time ever) I did not grab a jacket or arms. When I left Marion it was 88 degrees, when the rain started it had dropped to 54. Covered in sweat and now freezing from the rain, temp drop and spent effort I started back out. It rained so hard that the water was running down the road like a river, in some places over the top of the tire and rim seem. I had a couple of bad spots (physically) on the Parkway but overcame them. When I got to the turn into the park I had forgotten how hard it was. So I took it one stroke at a time, It was not until the finally climb when I said to myself " I AM GOING TO MAKE IT". I can't believe at no point I walked. Clock time was 8:28 

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