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Cool news and a picture to prove it!

EXCITING NEWS for Malone Coaching athletes Ben and Jennifer Atkins!


Baby Girl Poppy MaeLynn Atkins was born 4/13/15 in Spartanburg!

Congratulations to your family!

Photos from Parris Island and more!

Parris Island 2015


What a great shot of the pre-race pool! Thanks Manny Cintron for sharing this one (and others)



                                    Great group shot with some of the new MC Ts!                                                       The ladies!



                       Bubba Gillis- 2nd AG                  Carol Brunson- 1st Open 3rd OA            Kimberly2nd OA, 1st                  Mary Biebel- 2nd AG

                                                                                                                                  Masters and 5 seconds

                                                                                                                     off of first place who is 30 YEARS YOUNGER!!!




Manny Cintron shared some great shots of the event- here are 3 to highlight his day!



                                     Melissa- 1st AG & Josh- 1st Military Male           Nicole Ramsbey- 2nd AG                      Will Fowler- 3rd AG




At the Peyton's Wacky 5k Trail Race:

Rachel Crunk (running with her daughter) - 2nd OA (Yes, her daughter Chloe won!)

Apart from Triathlons, they climb mountains

It's often that athletes cross train and compete in a variety of activies along with their triathlon regimen. It's not often, however, that we can congratulate one of our athletes for climbing a mountain in Africa!

Tory Snyder shared this about her Mt. Kenya experience:


Malone Coaching Athlete Tory Snider was in Africa climbing Mt. Kenya last week. She shared a little story and a nice picture. Thanks, Tory!

"My guide Eddie is a humble quiet guy in late 30s. I pulled out the Malone jersey on the summit for the pic. Still in the package it was
mailed in. Eddie felt the material and looked it over. "This is bike
jersey?" The man who doesn't talk, starts in about how he loves to
mountain bike. After the picture he continues to look over the jersey and
asks me questions about the colors and what things mean like "super cuts"
(try explaining). He owns one jersey. Now he has two. He is about 130#- it
should fit him. Malone Coaching will now be seen around Kenya!"

Tory only has Mount Wilson left to climb in Uganda to complete top 5
peaks in Africa. But for now my focus is on getting in shape for this
summer and getting my second and last IM done!

You're an inspiration Troy! Thanks for sharing!

Winter Challenge 2015

The 2015 Winter Challenge photo shoot!

There were so many great shots that you all shared via Facebook that we couldn't help but post them here, too! Enjoy!



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