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Garmin/TP Tip from fellow MC Athlete

Garmin Tip from fellow athlete Paul Zimmerman
New Years Tips!
There is another way to get garmin data into TP using garmin express app and something TP calls “auto-synch”. 

via the link above you first authorize TP to be allowed to automatically pull in workouts from your garmin connect website. (that’s what garmin connect uploads to)

You download Garmin Express to your computer and use it to synch to your Garmin connect website page. This is done wireless and automatically through the ANT stick anytime your Garmin device comes within 3 meters of your computer with the ANT stick plugged in. I walk in after my workout, turn my Garmin back on and they usually connect within minutes.

From there it "pushes” the workout automatically to TP. No need to drag files, download, upload or anything. Totally automatic. It’s what I’ve been using for months so we know it works.

Another nice feature TP has that I use is the ability to create calendar feeds to iCal, Google Calendar etc. You find that under settings>>calendar. Any workout you put in is automatically downloaded to my calendar on the computer, iPad, iPhone etc. If I go into TP and “schedule" the workout via “enter time” at the top of the workout detail page it will even “push” it to that time of day on my calendar. Helps me organize my day and there is something about seeing your workouts on my calendar that works for me.

Just some New Year’s tips!


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