Malone Coaching

Two Teams = More Power!

As we progress into the 2015 I see only opportunities to grow and the first one that presented itself to me was the option to join forces with the GHS/GCM Endurance Team (Greenville Cycling and Multisport). What does this mean? It simply means that we will have more opportunities to train with others, to make new friends in sport and to learn from each other. It also means added club benefits for USAT and for Ironman. Each member of either team that crosses the finish line in Ironman events will accrue points for the club. We will also be adding the benefit of early entry invitation to some Ironman events and discounts from sponsors of Ironman and USAT. Each team will maintain their own identity in terms of uniforms and operations. We will simply join together in a partnership that will benefit both smaller groups. Look for the first group workouts starting in December. 
I hope that you find this as exciting as we do!
2014 GHS/GCM Inaugural Team
Malone Coaching will be adding more
color to their team!
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