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Peter Ramirez

Peter RamirezAfter doing marathons for a few years I set a goal to start doing triathlons.  I didn't own a bike.  I hadn't been in a pool since "marco polo" days.  My triathlon experience to that point was watching NBC's broadcast on a Saturday each December.  None of that stopped me from getting a USAT card and registering for an Ironman.  I thought mere hubris and a magazine subscription would help me make all the right choices about equipment and proper training.

The mistake of thinking I could do this alone quickly settled in.  I contacted several people I trusted and asked them about coaching.  Katie's name came up each time.  We had a quick call to discuss expectations of each other.  Katie listened to my goals then explained how she could help achieve them.  That was all it took for me to sign up for a year of coaching.

Katie delivered!  She got me to the starting line in nine triathlons that first year . . . fit, healthy, and mentally prepared to succeed.  Each race finish exceeded my expectations, of what I was able to accomplish and how she helped to make it possible.  Yet, aside from training and racing and goals, I found being a part of the "community" of Malone Coaching to be the best benefit.  Triathlons and running are highly individual sports with no shortage of personalities and hormones, each trying to do their best.  I think deep down there's still a part of me that longs to be part of a team, which is exactly what I get from working with Katie and being able to share in the challenges and successes with the other Malone Coaching athletes.

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