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Lee Anne Townes

It has been a privilege knowing and working with Coach Katie Malone for the past two years. It is clear that Katie has chosen a profession in the field that enables her to better the lives of others through exercise and nutrition. She uses her 20 plus years experience in triathlon to teach others how to achieve their goals. Her passion for triathlon is infectious. She is an outstanding athlete, leader, teammate, friend, competitor, and is an overall person of character, integrity, dedication, and hard work.

As a student of triathlon, I hired a coach to take the thinking out of my training. Triathlon is a complex sport consisting of three disciplines. Katie understands how the body adapts to these disciplines and what it takes to reach your ultimate goal. She gives individualized attention to everyone she coaches. It is rare to find a coach that gets in the pool with her athletes to help them with their stroke or runs with them at the track to watch their form. She has taken me from a novice beginner to an award winner in less than two years. She is energetic, enthused, and always positive and encouraging.

Katie Malone is the epitome of triathlon. She lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes triathlon every day. It is a rare and unique person who is so clearly dedicated to the sports of triathlon but also, dedicated to helping others learn and love the sport as well. She spends all of her free time volunteering for local events, spreading the word about her passion, encouraging others to try it, and rescuing Weimaraners that need homes. She is an enormous asset in our community. It is a pleasure being one of her athletes, as she has impacted not only my triathlon journey but also, my life.

UPDATE: Lee Anne recently completed her first Ironman at Ironman Florida in November in 2011. Not only did she finish but she finished 5th in her age group and just missed qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Congrats Lee Anne!

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