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I remember thinking, how hard can this be? I said, hey, you can swim pretty decent; who can't ride a bike; by God, you just ran a half marathon. So I put a stake in the ground and signed up for my first sprint tri. I swam, I biked, I ran leading up to race - this is going to be cake. I came "this close" to drowning (with a wetsuit on); legs were jello after the bike; and I am embarrassed to admit I walked a 100 or so yards of the 5k. We want even talk about where I finished in my age group.

If I was going to go down this path, I needed help. So I talked with some folks and everyone told me to go talk to Katie Malone. The first time I met her (and her infant child, Keene) , the first thing she asked me is "What are your goals? If you do not have goals, this coach/athlete relationship will not work." I did/do have goals, short term (probably not very lofty ones after that first race), and longer term goals. She agreed to coach me and I did not realize at the time or for some time to come, it was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

I got my first week of training workouts from Katie, and I thought this woman is a sadist! Then she started meeting me for one-on-one sessions, and breaking me down like a Lego toy. I started regressing - swim times were getting worse; did not realize what a bad bicyclist I really was. I was getting a defeatist attitude; "I suck" - never will be able to do this at a decent level. My race times were no where close to where I thought I should be. Worse thing was I thought I was letting my coach down, because she was always there for me. Even when I thought my race was awful, she would say I am pleased with this, or happy about with what you did there. Always encouraging even when I was ready to give up (several times) and I knew then why ALL her athletes love her. Understanding that this is not a sprint but a journey; not just training, but nutrition, recovery, and having fun and camaraderie. That it is just not about being on the podium, but about going beyond your limitations, both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to my last sprint race of the year. A new PR in the swim, the bike, and the run. I did not finish in top 3 (not far off), but I was happy, proud, rejuvenated. My confidence renewed. What Katie has created is someone who is hooked. A drive and desire to be the best I can be - forget about what everybody else is doing!

The only thing I can say is, THANKS COACH! Looking forward to what is yet to come!

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