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Athlete Testimonial of the Week: Chip Chiappini

Athlete Testimonial of the Week: Chip Chiappini

I signed up for Malone Coaching to improve in triathlons next year, so I decided to do the Asheville Citizens 1/2 marathon as a training race.  I entered endurance sports at age 40 after a lifetime of weightlifting and indoor cardio.  I have trained hard since getting into triathlons, and thought I was knowledgeable about training. I was mistaken!  I am amazed that after only 30 days of training under the guidance of Malone Coaching I had the best run in my life and easily beat my old PR in the Asheville Citizens 1/2 Marathon. After 4 years of suffering in this race mostly due to the combined distance and hills, 30 days later and at age 45, I blew away my old PR and felt great doing it in a training race that I wasn't even thinking about a PR. I always believed hard work was enough, tough workouts would be enough.  Now I see I wasn't even close. I work out to stay in shape, but it is way more fun when you can see and measure your improvements in meaningful ways. I love having my workout week laid out for me, and I love the feedback and encouragement Katie provides.   Katie is the real deal. She is completely professional, timely, and responsive and she knows how to get results.  I only wish it didn't take me 5 years to find her coaching services.  I am positive that 2014 is going to be a blast.

Chip Chiappini.

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