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Athlete Testimonial of the Week: Michael Vaccaro

Athlete Testimonial of the Week: Michael Vaccaro


Working with Katie has been wonderful.  I began running about 4 years ago now and dipped my toe into triathlon about 2 years ago.  Early on in my running I followed plans I found online or networked with other runners.  It worked well for me at the time but not ideal. Being a newbie to triathlon I knew that approach would not work so I connected with a coach I met locally who helped me get started.  We worked together about 6 months.  While it was productive and gave me a good foundation, it did not fully meet my needs.  After six months of coaching, I went back to following the plans online while I looked at other coaching options.  In late 2012 I met Katie through friends whom she was training.  I was considering a few different coaching options as I really wanted to have more personal guidance in my training and felt like I could get more out of myself if I had the right coach.

It did not take me long after meeting Katie to decide Malone Coaching was right for me.  It was a great decision and I can say that the results I saw in 2013 reinforce it every race.  2013 has been a busy season for me, completing 9 races to date (Marathon, half marathon, 3 Sprint Tri’s, 1 Xterra Tri, 1 International, and 2 Half Ironman events).  I would say that with the exception of one event this year, I bettered my PR every race.  I attribute a lot of that to Katie’s coaching and support.  She has been great in helping me learn what I am capable of doing in races as well as giving me the tools I need to achieve.  I greatly appreciate the support she provides and the personal approach she has taken with my training.  I have endured some minor physical ailments through the season and Katie has supported me through those issues and still found ways ensure I achieved my goals.  Katie’s personal approach has also been helpful given my pretty demanding work and family life.  She has helped me work through those needs and has incorporated that into my schedule so I can meet the demands in my life.  You still have to do the work but Katie is genuinely interested in helping you meet the goals you set for yourself.

I am extremely happy I made the decision I did 1 year ago in choosing Katie as my coach.  It was a great year and I look forward to more fun in 2014!


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