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Athlete Testimonial of the Week: Caroline Cope

Athlete Testimonial of the Week: Caroline Cope

I started with Malone Coaching in 2006 when I lived in South Carolina. Since then, not only has Katie been a wonderful coach, she has been a great friend as well.

 I moved to Florida a few years ago and thought that long distance coaching wouldn't work so I tried a couple other local coaches. Wow, what a letdown! They all had good workouts and were quite knowledgeable but boy, did they lack the person touch that I had with Malone Coaching. So, I went back! Even though I'm more than 600 miles away, it's obvious that my weekly workouts are customize specifically to me. She takes into account not only what I need to do but how I'm feeling both physically and mentally. I can no longer see Katie at the finish line but I know she's still there. I still feel part of a team.

 I know in my heart that I would have given up triathlons if not for Malone Coaching. With more than 30 races under my belt, I still have lofty goals for myself including my first full distance ironman. I know that Malone Coaching will get me there, in spite of myself.

 SC Half Ironman 2006


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